To help create funds for the Hands Up World (HUW) foundation, original art work by Danielle Brouns is sold for a limited period of time with up to 70% discount.

50% percent of the revenues of this super sale will be used to organize art activities for young people, especially girls between 12-25 years, who are living in situations that give them too many responsibilities for their age. The first goal of the Hands Up World foundation, recently founded by Danielle Brouns, is to raise enough money to start up an international online platform, where these young people can upload their art and chat with each other. There will be workshops to help them make the art and HUW will hold yearly events to showcase the work.

Below pictures of the artwork available in this sale. Please scroll down. You can also click on the link to download the PDF with the artwork for sale. If you are interested in one of the art works, please contact us via email: info@hands-up.world or by telephone +31651839670 (also Whatsapp). Art can be delivered to your address.