The coral reefs need to be protected

The focus for 2020 of the Hands Up World foundation will be on the coral reefs and what can be done to help them stay alive.

Right now, the situation in the ocean is as follows: too much CO2 (causing acidification of the ocean) kills the algue in the coral reefs, but also plastic – another human waste – is polluting the ocean in dazzling speed. The algue in the coral reefs and the coral itself absorb the plastic. Fish eat the microscopic particles of plastic that float in the ocean water.  We eat the plastic with the fish on our plate.

This bad situation asks for an urgent solution. Hands Up World foundation gives a little hand while supporting the protection and breeding of coral reefs. HUW organises creative activities and workshops, part of the revenues go to coral reef protection projects.

Hands Up World is highly inspired by Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire,